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Fresh Breads, our white, cracked wheat, and onion breads, as well as our deli rolls, are fresh baked in-house each and every morning. We can easily cater your

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On Zwift Every Day is Race Day : Zwift's racing culture and community. Besides the best-in-class graphics, and everything described thus far, the community element places Zwift in

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Alle ansehen, wird geladen. The items I wanted checked were done and they matched the price of the tires from a competitor. Wir verwenden Cookies, um Inhalte zu

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wisp lift ticket coupons

leaving more than 34,000 British and Canadian troops, and tens of thousands of French, Dutch, and Belgian. Black hole : slang for the Tactical Operations Center (TOC) that was buried below the open expanse of ground-level desert during the gulf WAR, like a bunker or redoubt; it was so nicknamed by those who had to work within its subterranean environment; name. When the universe hiccups and humanity is exterminated, the cockroaches will not bother to read Greek plays nor study Chinese paintings." paraphrase of Malcolm Muggeridge; "A 'civilized' man will give a serious answer to a stupid question, while an 'uncivilized' man won't even bother. Also, detected or compromised, such as a revealed or exposed operation or operational element, including a cache or hide, stalking horse or trojan horse, or any other subterfuge; also expressed as "busted". BX : Base eXchange, same as PX or NEX concession; the sutler's store of general merchandise for military personnel and their dependents.

See creed, promise, oath, honor code, code OF conduct, loyalty UP - loyalty down, duty, A MAN'S gotta DO whaan'S gotta DO, national security, TOE THE line, brassbound, scriptures, party line, straight arrow, cleanskin, true believer. Bureaucrat : see empty suit, drone, hollow bunny, PIG looking aristwatch, wonk, bean-counter, carpetbaggers, mandarin, pooh BAH, eunuch, milicrat, double-DIP, civil service. Bunker mentality : (forthcoming cf: shortsighted, narrow-minded bunny boots : slang for the military-style mukluk that was developed during wwii for mountaineers in winter operations, as so-called by members of the 10th Mountain Division. Mencken philistine, old Adam, vandal, pillager, hooligan, vulgarian, yahoo (degraded brute cf: second-class citizen, noble savage nb: "If Germany, thanks to Hitler and his successors, were to enslave the European nations and destroy most of the treasures of their past, future historians would certainly pronounce. Blinker : slang for the battery-powered strobe light or stroboscopic lamp, being a handheld electronic flash that rapidly produces brilliant bursts of light, as used for identification during airdrop, reinforcement, or rescue (SAR) operations. The excuse-making organ beloved by humanity!

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Bower : an anchor carried at the BOW of a vessel; see hook, drogue, heave-HO, davit, mainstay. Nb: "Speak softly and carry a big stick." by Theodore Roosevelt BIG stick diplomacy : in international relations, the backing of negotiations with the implied or implicit threat of military force; that's based upon Theodore Roosevelt's 1900 policy statement adapted from a West African proverb. Female Marines are also disparaged as "walking mattresses". Nb: hysteria is also known as the "screaming-meemies" buzz-CUT : a crew-cut or flattopped buzz haircut as favored by career MIL-pers; see flathead, flattop, white walls, high 'n' tight, longhair, relaxed grooming standards. Barracks lawyer : any disgruntled or maladjusted soldier who is inclined to question orders, who constantly complains and persistently quibbles; a fellow servicemember who has acquired a level of legalistic familiarity with military law and regulations by being repeatedly upbraided, and offers controversial advice. Nb: pagan Norsemen awarded metallic bracelets in recognition of meritorious or valorous deeds; likewise, various AmerIndian bands recognized bravery with the award of bracelets Also, a copper or aluminum (later enameled) cuff engraved with the identifying particulars of individual POWs or MIAs, which were sold. Back story : the mission-specific cover story and alias assumed for an operative or operational team; also called "jacket "field legend" or legend; see cover, pocket litter, clean, talk THE talk, backstop, lifted skirt, NOC, tradecraft. It was famously the tag line of the pronouncement (authored by Samuel. Also, something strengthened or reinforced by brass, bronze, or the like, such as a campaign chest; see footlocker, SEA chest. Nb: a "red wing" variant is "awarded" for performing cunnilingus during menstruation aka: 60, 69, oral sex, oral copulation, cunnilingus, cunny-delicious, rug / carpet muncher, eat / eating out, lickety-splitter, cunt licker, pussy eater, pussy chewer, cunt chomper, tongue 'n' groove, lip sucker, lick the.