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have expanded into the Commonwealth. The m Rocks Off Concert Cruise - Aboard the Harbor Lights - New York Guarantee. StubHub sells gift certificates that work as good as cash for StubHub purchases. Currency unless designated otherwise under the ticket listing. Accepting is a Non-Standard Game Over, refusal leads to you wiping said aliens out. The sequel, Jedi Outcast, only has one ending. The only canonical "Dark Side" ending, such as it is, would. Shadow Hearts 2 went off from the bad ending of Shadow Hearts, while Shadow Hearts 3 most likely went off of the good ending to 'SH2 though this is up for debate. About m, use m for all of your Rocks Off Concert Cruise - Aboard the Harbor Lights - New York entertainment and event ticket needs. While the eldar campaign was originally thought to be canon, (as both Farseer Taldeer and Gorgutz live on to Dark Crusade an artifact in the Retribution campaign revealed that Sturnn managed to secure the titan, which contradicts the ending of the eldar campaign where. On another note, Megaton is mentioned to be expanding into its own city state, making it clear that the Lone Wanderer canonically didn't blow.

The spin-off, Jedi Academy, has both a Light and Dark ending; Word of God is that the Light ending is canonical, which is where the novel starring Jaden Korr follows from. Canonical Light Side endings are, lucasArts policy for, star Wars games, as evidenced in the.

Promo Code for Rocks Off Concert Cruise - Aboard the Harbor Lights - New York Tickets. Siegfried's ending in Soul Blade where he becomes the new wielder of the Soul Edge is canon (Though he didn't fight Cervantes directly, only Soul Edge itself.) Colony Wars, where the second-best ending in which the League of Free Worlds withdraws from Sol and closes. Out of the three possible endings of Dishonored, only two can happen given that in the sequel, Emily is a playable character. In fact, the fact that they did so is probably the first thing anyone learns about School Days. Rarely will the "bad" ending be canonical, or the "bad" side actually canonically win. This would be consistent with the gameplay and story theme that 'The One Free Man' doesn't really have any choices, and simply goes the only way the world seems to allow him. Sonic Adventure 2 uses selective editing to make both sides' endings true: the dark side ends with Eggman seeming to have accomplished his goal, but zooms in to a warning message that he ignores, which, in the hero story, is shown to be because Sonic. Day of the Tentacle assumes the player put the hamster in the microwave in its predecessor, Maniac Mansion. One minor case: In Morrowind, one of the Nerevarine's options for becoming Hortator of House Telvanni is simply to wipe out all the other Councilors and grant yourself the title once there's no one to vote against you. To be precise, it combines the endings "To My Child" (in which Sekai kills Makoto) and "Bloody End" (in which Kotonoha kills Sekai). The second and third installments of X-rated Visual Novel series Inyouchuu assume the player got the best possible endings in the first and second games, which makes sense, considering the bad endings generally involve the main characters being killed or enslaved.